A Complete Guide To The Sims Freeplay


Life simulation games are getting into trend much more than before. You can easily find that lots of games are releasing in this section. If you love to play such games and want to try out the best one, then The Sims Freeplay is surely the right one. There are thousands of gamers who are playing it on a daily basis due to amazing graphics, features and lot more. If you love to play such games, then you have tried this one also.

Electronic Arts is a well-known game developer studio with so many amazing developments, and The Sims Freeplay is from the same. This game is entirely based on Sims who are busy enjoying their life. You are also playing the role of a Sim, and you need to do plenty of tasks every day. There are many currencies in the game, but the major one is Simoleons and Lifestyle points. Both are important and required in progression.

Learn about currencies

As mentioned that there are two currencies offered in the game and both are easy to earn with The Sims Freeplay Hack. If you don’t want to end up getting into any kind of issue, then try to earn the maximum amount possible.

  • Simoleon – It is the primary currency of the game, and it is required in many kinds of work. To never face a single issue, you should try to earn the maximum amount possible. You have to spend it on upgrades and lot more things. Not being able to earn sufficient amount can make you try out in-app purchases but avoid them because they can set you in trouble. Chances of spending thousands of dollars using the micro-transitions are higher that’s why you can try other methods.
  • Lifestyle Point – Unlike other Sims game where Simcash is premium currency, you can’t find the same here. Lifestyle Point (LP) is the premium currency, and it is interchangeable. You can’t earn a good amount easily because it is very rare. On the other hand, only a few methods are there to provide it. Make sure to stay selective while choosing a good method to earn maximum amount.

Both are important currencies and required to progress. Many websites are available online that can offer you a good amount of resources for free but try to stay selective because such websites can cause so many issues.

On the other hand, chances of getting blocked and losing all the progress are high too. Avoid such issues by using the in-game methods and following guides from expert gamers. Such methods are better to prefer, and you can get easily on all to be a successful gamer.

How to Progress?

There are so many levels in this life simulation game, and if you want to progress, then there are a couple of tips to follow. The first thing is to earn a good number of Simoleons and Lifestyle point. On the other hand, you progress by collecting sufficient amount of XP. Start doing all the tasks available. It will help you earn more XP.

You can cook food and sell to get started now and earning more XP. It is better and reliable option.     Even there are daily tasks to complete which will help you earn a good amount of XP with ease. Make sure to stay selective while choosing any method to progress. If you are a beginner, then try to follow a couple of important tips.

Learn the interface of this game by following the tutorial. Most of the gamer skip tutorial so that they can start enjoying, but it is the worst issue. Try to spend little bit more time on the learning of basics. The more you play wisely in the beginning, the better you keep getting in the later stages. It is better and reliable option.

The conclusion

If you don’t want to spend a single penny on the in-app purchases, then there are the bunch of things that you can do. Login, every day in the game, to earn reward and the next thing you can do is to try out daily matches. These will help you earn a decent amount of Simoleons. Make sure to control your expenditure which causes the most of issues. It can be done by various methods.