The ultimate guide to DomiNation

The ultimate guide to DomiNation

There are many role-playing and caste building games in the market and people love these games. One of the most popular games that fall under this category is DomiNation. You can play this game anywhere on both Android and iOS platform with a compactable version. This nexonm game comes in really handy when it comes to its size including such amazing graphics and super cool gameplay.

Well, this game depends all upon you and you’ve to build a base from the scratch and manage your village. Managing includes training soldiers, farming farms, collecting resources and much more, so by using Dominations Hack. In order to be the best player, you’ve to be collecting all these things to be a better player. You have to be raiding villages and looting resources from their base and filling up yours.

There is a lot in this game that you should know about and in order to master this game, we’ve come up with few tips and tricks for you guys to help you get started –

1. Sticking to the Basics

Basics are always the best as there is a saying “Old is Gold” and that’s true. Doesn’t matter how basic it is, if it is present somewhere then there must be some use. Like this only there are many things to remember from the basics for this game too. One such example of this game is to stick to your basic army and i.e. Soldiers and Archers and this will take you a long way up to the top. These both are the first and foremost things you got to attack an enemy base. Trust me these will help you clear up an enemy’s base easily and you can get pretty good loot in less investment.

2. Choosing up a Right Base

While going for an attack, you’ve to be clear enough about the base you want to attack. If you were active enough to know which type of base you want to attack then you’ll end up making a perfect army else you’ve to choose the base over the army you’re using. There are many things to keep in mind while choosing up a base like when you have trained your base already then look for a base that can be cleared easily by such army and gives you some proper stars.

3. Re-training troops and Farming

All you need with these is to repeat it again and again in order to be a better player. This is the most important thing as the name suggests and you’ve to be smart enough to train your troops in advance so that you never run out of them when needed. Keep a track on these all and farm more resources to make more houses and more army.

So what’s the final verdict?

This game as a whole is a full pack of entertainment and you’ll enjoy its gameplay a lot. This game is total fun. I hope these tips and tricks workout successfully for you. Thank you for reading.